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Why Squirrels?

Unfortunately, sometimes Alaska's squirrels enjoy our homes as much as we do. Squirrels are great at getting into places like attics, walls, and crawlspaces. Once inside, it's not uncommon to see chewed electrical wires, food storage sites, displaced or missing insulation, building damage, and chewed and damaged electrical wires.. Needless to say, any of these circumstances can be inconvenient, expensive, and even dangerous. We offer a wide range of solutions for these cute, however industrious and destructive neighbors.

Keeping Squirrels Out  for Good

Nuisance Wildlife Management offers our guaranteed squirrel exclusion service where we will assess entry points and modify your home or business accordingly to ensure that our furry friends will stay in the great outdoors. We tailor our work specifically for you and your home or business to achieve the best possible results. We offer total or partial exclusion services. Total exclusion consists of our technicians modifying your home or business with material that we guarantee will be squirrel-proof. Partial exclusion consists of our technicians modifying just the sections of your home that are already entry points or are likely to become entry points in the future. 

Trapping and Other Options

We realize there is no "Fix-All" solution for wild animals and we are committed to providing you with the service that will best suit your situation. NWM offers live and lethal trapping options. Contact our knowledgeable staff to learn more.



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