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What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Here at NWM, we love the sound of birds in the morning and watching chickadees enjoy their breakfast on our bird feeder. Some birds such as pigeons, however, enjoy hoarding en masse only to defecate on things like buildings, vehicles, people, and HVAC systems, just to name a few. Bird fecal matter can be highly corrosive which can cause structural damage, even in materials like steel. The feces can also be harmful to breathe and can become an issue when dropped directly into HVAC systems. Other birds like woodpeckers like to put holes where they don't belong, i.e. the siding of your home and some birds like seagulls can be extremely protective of their nesting sites against animals and humans alike. Whatever your nuisance bird dilemma is, we have a solution for you.

Solving the Problem

Nuisance Wildlife Management offers numerous solutions that are as diverse as the species of birds they are meant for. Our technicians can set up equipment to insure your avian friends will find a new place to loiter. We also offer safe and effective cleaning services for the messes that birds often leave behind. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your aviary dilemma!



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