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Deceased Moose

So you've got 1,000 lbs of deceased wildlife on your property...According to State of Alaska law, if a moose dies on private property, the moose becomes the responsibility of the property owner. Moose can die from several causes including but not limited to, starvation, internal injuries, and poisoning from ornamental plants. If you suspect a moose may have been shot illegally or that the carcass may be a threat to public safety due to other wildlife in the area (i.e. bears), you may contact the Alaska State Wildlife Troopers. Because the cause of death is often unknown and the moose could have died several days prior, the moose carcass most likely should be removed and properly disposed of.  That's where we come in!

Moose Removal

Nuisance Wildlife Management has the capability to remove dead moose regardless of size from anywhere on your property. We have even removed moose carcasses from lakes! We will remove and dispose of the moose in a timely fashion, leaving you with a clean and more pleasant property (leave the dirty work to us).  When you contact our staff for moose removal,  any information about the general condition of the carcass can be very helpful. Especially, how long you believe the moose has been deceased, the location of the carcass, and if the carcass is being fed on by other wildlife. This helps us determine how we can best serve your needs.



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