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Large Animal Removal Services

If you came to this page due to the reason for which it was created, please, first and foremost, know that we truly are very sorry for your loss. Horses and other large pets have a special way of finding their way into our hearts.  Strong bonds are often forged with these magnificent animals that only those fortunate enough to spend time with them can really understand. When these loved ones pass away, our hearts are often left devastated.  With the grieving process in its earliest stage, we realize it can be overwhelming to be tasked with handling and transporting a large animal. We are fully equipped for such an undertaking and equally as important; we can carry out the process safely, thoughtfully and with understanding. My wife Sandy and I have had the privilege of spending considerable time traveling the back country in Alaska on horseback.  We want to honor your relationship by providing this service with utmost respect, sensitivity and dignity for you and your friend. If you find that you are in need of this service, please contact us.  Whether you utilize our company or wish to pursue a different avenue, we would like to assist you in any way that we can.

Helpful Information

Some additional information that may be helpful to you regarding our services:


If you wish, you do not need to be present.  You and your friend likely have many memories together and this does not have to be one of them.  If you wish to be present for the removal process, we will absolutely respect your wishes but please know that it is not necessary.  The equipment that we utilize enables just one or two of our technicians to carry out the task.


You may wish to keep a horseshoe or hair from the mane or tail as a token of remembrance. We would be happy to accommodate requests like these. 


We want everyone to be safe!  In nearly two decades of performing this service, there has never been a major incident and we intend to keep it that way.  If other horses or similarly sized animals are in relatively close proximity to the deceased animal, we may want to shield the living animals' eyes as we handle the one that has passed away.  Some unnatural movements are necessary during handling and we absolutely  

do not want another animal frightened and certainly not injured. Thank you for your understanding.

Information That Will Help Us Serve You

TThere are some details that can be most helpful to us if you, a family member or close friend are able to provide them.  However, it is not necessary to provide these details, as we do not want this process to be any more painful than it already is.  If possible, please provide the following information:


Where is the animal located? Both the facility where it is kept and its location within the facility. 

Where will the final resting place be?  Cremation is available in the south central region. 

Are there other animals nearby or within view? 

What is the approximate size of the animal?

What was the cause of death?  Did the animal pass naturally or was euthanasia required?

How long has the animal been deceased?


Approximately, how far from a road or driveway (firm and free of snow and obstacles) is the animal?  

We may ask for additional information due to how much circumstances such as these can vary. 

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